Nigerian Agro-Allied products are gaining traction overseas

Rizwan Kadri is the managing director/CEO Skyway Aviation Handling Co, (SAHCOL) a cargo Handling Company in Nigeria.  In an interview with Ifeoma Okeke, he speaks on exportation of agro-allied products, challenges facing exporters and what SAHCOL is doing to reach out to small enterprises and farmers.

What are some of the facilities you have and how accessible are they?

The cooling facility is a world class facility, it is huge and we spend a lot of money on it and it is international standard. We have been able to recently increase our business as well, like the AirFrance and Ethiopian airline have moved their cargo business to us recently. We have the cold rooms and the fridge, we have got perishable storage. We have a courier department separate, warehouse and we are certified by International Air Transport Association, (IATA) as a grand handling company and export warehouse. We welcome all the farmers and everyone to come and make use of the facility. We have had a steady growth and at one time we had our warehouse burnt down and then we started working again. Our warehouse has come up in the last one year. In 2015, we got it operational and looking at the warehouses today, the work is still on-going and we still continue adding things to it to make it more userfriendly and cost-effective for people to use it. So, the work is still on-going.

Are your facilities cost effective and things the average farmer can afford?

We and NAHCO are the two companies that are the gateway to Cargo. So there is nobody else. Anyone who wants to import or export the cargo by air will either come to us or go to the other company. ABX world are not the only ones using our facility. Airlines, exporters and other stakeholders use our facilities.