About Project:

Essentially shea butter but in an oil. Much easier to use and apply and interestingly, in the process of altering one of the fatty acids ( to make the oil from shea butter), the shea nut oil contains MORE oleic acid (making it more moisturising and anti inflammatory), and more linoleic acid which helps repair our skin's barrier properties faster. It also contains more unsaponifiables which are the things which penetrate the skin and help with cell regeneration.

So, aside from eczema and very dry skin what else can you do with SHEA OIL? It can be used on dry nails and cuticles, warmed and used as an intensive hot oil hair treatment, (superb for afro and course hair types), a body lotion which keeps out the winter chill and usual chapping, nourishes lips, brows and eyelashes and so much more.